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Maximise your global audience

We convert your printed magazines, brochures, catalogues and literature into interactive apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Tablets, Kindle Fire, Blackberry and smart phones. With apazine™ the transition to digital is seamless and simple.

Don’t limit your potential audience and only publish in one format, this is the time to maximise your global presence across all platforms, why? Because with Apazine, it’s so easy and cost effective.

The growth of the tablet market is surpassing even the most ambitious forecast, smartphone sales remain strong, new device development is still rapid and the volume of apps downloaded across all formats exceeds 2.4bn per month. Digital magazine purchases are increasing, free magazine downloads are off the charts and people are choosing to read digital magazines in the same way they uses to read printed magazines. Whether it’s leaning back in their favourite chair, kids reading them in the back of the car, commuters reading them on the train their way to and from the office and because tablets are now an integral part of business, trade magazines are being referred to and viewed during meetings, can you imagine doing that with a magazine?

Now is the time to capitalise on the apportunity, before all your competitors do!