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How to convert your print ready CMYK PDF to sRGB.

Printers use secondary reflective colours, CMKY, whereas electronic devices use primary light colours RGB. In order to display true colours from your PDF it should be in sRGB format.

Convert to sRGB

Converting your colours is made easy using the PDF fixups tool in the Preflight menu of Adobe Acrobat Pro. The three channel PDF is also a smaller file size than CMYK, which reduces your user download time.

i. Open your PDF in Acrobat Pro.

ii. Select ‘Preflight’ from the ‘Edit’ menu

iii. Select the ‘Convert to sRGB’ from the PDF Fixups option, and double click.

iv. Save your converted file, and wait for Acrobat Pro to process your CMYK to sRGB conversion.

v. Your file is sRGB ready!