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How to add page links.

You can create hot-spots on your PDF that take the user to other pages. This makes navigation easy and can make your contents page, or cover teaser text truly interactive.

Page links bring your editions to life.

It is always best to add interactivity after you have optimised your PDF as optimisation can remove interactive features. Page links can be used on any page and is especially useful on your contents page.

i. Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

ii. The page link is added using the ‘Link’ tool under the ‘Tools’ > ‘ Content’ > ‘Add or Edit Interactive Object’ button:

ii. Once you click on the ‘Link’ button, select the area of your PDF you wish to create as a page link ‘hot-spot’.

iii. Then click on the ‘Go to a page view’ radio button as below

iv. Click ‘Next’ and navigate to your desired page to jump to, then click the ‘Set Link’ button below:

v. Your page link is now set. You can add more, or save your PDF.