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What we need you to supply.

We take care of building the app, all the coding and dealing with Apple and Android platforms, we just need a few items from you to brand and customise your app. If you would like us to create all the graphics (1-2 below) we are happy to do so, and all we will require from you is a vectored logo (.eps, .ai, or .pdf) or a very high resolution .jpg . We will then create the necessary graphics for you.

1. App Button

To create your app icon, we will need a vectored logo (.eps or .pdf) or a high resolution .jpg file at least 1024×1024 pixels.

2. Masthead Logo

Your app home screen will display your branding, which is usually your magazine masthead. Please provide us with a copy of your masthead logo, with a transparent background. The masthead graphic should be at least 132 pixels high. We will resize for all devices.

3. App Name & Device Name

Your app name must be unique on the Apple App Store, so it’s worth checking availability first. Your app name will be displayed in full on app store listings but will often be a shorter version on devices. Devices like iPhones display app names with a maximum length of around 10-14 characters (depending on character width). We will require both your full app name plus your device name.

4. Keywords

When we submit your app, we embed keywords in the source code which enables your app to be found when users search app stores. Please provide a list of keywords that users will enter to find your app. Your list of keywords should be no more than 100 characters (including punctuation).

5. App Description

Your app description is what will be displayed on App Stores at the point it is downloaded. This describes your app and will persuade people to download it. The description should be no more than 4000 characters.

6. Your Developer Account Details

When we submit your app we will need details relating to your developer account for the various platforms your app has been developed for; Apple, Android and Kindle. These details will normally be in the form of an email address and password. We can publish your app under our own account if you prefer, but we only recomend this for free content apps.

7. Your PDFs

Once your app is live, you will upload your PDFs to publish new content going forward. When building your app, we will take care of this for you and we will need some PDFs of your recent issues. Please send us your PDFs via WeTransfer or Dropbox. If you print it today, you need Apazine for tomorrow!