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Your frequently asked questions, answered.

It’s not every day you deploy an app, so there’s bound to be a lots of questions. We’ve tried to answer the most popular here, but if you need a quick answer to anything please feel free to use the form on the Contact us page and we’ll come back to you within three working hours

Do I need to code or program anything?

No, our system is designed to enable you to publish your editions with just a few clicks of a mouse. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a web browser.

What do I need to supply to get my app built?

We will need some graphics and logos plus some basic information in order to custom build your app for you. You can see everything you’ll need to supply here: what-we-need

Where will my app be available?

Your app will be deployed on Apple, Android, Kindle Fire and all major platforms. It will be available to download on all popular devices from App Stores.

How often can I send instant messages?

You can send as many as you like but be warned people can turn off your push notifications. In order to keep engaged with your reader it’s essential you don’t message them too much.

Are there any download fees?

No, our cost structure is designed so you don’t have to worry about download fees. We do have a fair usage policy which means if one of our clients has an unfair amount of bandwidth due to huge files being downloaded by a massive number of people, the extra bandwidth charges are charged at cost. For major corporate clients who may expect millions of downloads we have a corporate package that is excluded from the fair usage policy and costs more than the usual monthly app fee. If your publication size is normal and your downloads are in tens of thousands per month (which would be very high) you will still be well within our fair usage policy.

How many editions can I display on my app?

You can display as many as you like. Just be sure not to make your app too busy for your users as they can delete your app just as easily as they downloaded it.

What format should my PDF be?

Your PDF should ideally be a minimum of 2048 x 1536 pixels and as a composite RBG document. An A4 printed document is normally 300dpi and CMYK so can be re-saved to be optimum. Any PDF will work, but the ideal settings are 2048×1536 RGB.

How big can the PDF file be?

We recommend you use Adobe Acrobat Professional to optimize your PDF. A typical 50-100 page publication with lots of colour images will be around 20-40Mb. This is good size as it will download quickly into the users device.

Are there any set up costs?

No, we do not charge set up costs for the standard app. If you wish to add custom functionality there will be some additional developer costs and our rates are extremely competitive.

What happens if I cancel?

Because there are no set-up or build costs, our agreement with you will have to last for at least twelve months. If you cancel for any reason before twelve months is up, you will be charged for the balance of the period. If you cancel after 12 months your app will no longer be available on the App stores. Anyone who has your app will still be able to use it, but you will not be able to add any more editions.

Who owns the app?

You own the copyright to the content of the app you have created, and you own a license to use our app technology for the duration of the agreement. The app will not work outside the Apazine framework as it is programmed to work with our fast servers.

Can I add some extra functionality to my app?

Yes. Most of our clients are satisfied with the standard app but if you wish to add any customized features our team of software engineers would love to talk to you about your ideas. Our rates are extremely competitive and we want to work with you as your needs and requirements develop.

How will my edition look on tablet?

It will look fantastic. Tablets and smartphone screen technology will make your editions look better than on paper. The best results will be achieved when your PDF is set to be the same size ratio as the device being used to view it. So for a page to fit perfectly on an iPad screen you would use a composite RGB PDF at 2048 by 1536 pixels. This is the equivalent of a 264dpi page 197mm x 147.8mm. This would give you optimum content. By choosing fonts that look great on screen you will improve the user experience. Some publishers select a font and size that suits both print and tablet.

How can I make my A4 pages fill the whole iPad screen?

Your A4 page will fit on an iPad screen, with some space either side which still looks fantastic. If you want an exact fit, an iPad screen ratio is 1:1.3328 and A4/A5 etc is 1:1.4142 so you can reduce the height of your A4 document by 17mm, or add 12.8mm to the width to fill the iPad. A good idea is be to crop 7mm from the height and add 7mm to the width. This should hardly affect your design and will fit perfectly on an iPad in portrait mode.

How long does it take?

It usually takes our customers a few days to give us the grpahics and information we require, and then 3-4 days for our engineers to build and test your app. Apple take around 5-10 working days to approve apps before they are available. Allow 20 working days and you should avoid disappointment.

Why would Apple reject my App?

Apple have a quality criteria to uphold, and your app could be rejected if the content was inappropriate, or if the name of the app conflicts with another app or their policy. Our engineers will ensure there are no technical reasons for rejection prior to submission.

Can I publish anything on my app?

As long as you do not breach our terms and conditions, you can publish anything on your app. Our terms and conditions do not allow illegal, prejudicial, hateful or harmful content and we do not permit you to use content that infringes copyright.

How long will Apple take to approve my app?

Usually 5-10 working days.

How long is the contract?

Your contract with Apazine is ongoing, like your gym membership. If you wish to cancel, you may give one months notice at any time so long as twelve months have elapsed.

What do you need from me?

We will need the name you want to call your app, how you want your app described in App stores, the logo icon for your app, your splash screen graphics, and your masthead.

Can my app and downloads be free?

Yes, you do not have to charge for your app in app stores. And your downloads can be free, or paid for.

If I charge, how much do I get?

If you charge for either your app or for your downloads Apple will keep 30% of the proceeds. Apazine will also charge a 5% fee for handling the funds and will pay your account every month.

What if Apple refund someone for my app?

If Apple make a refund for any reason, they will debit our account and we will then debit your account. You will not be charged the 30% Apple fee nor the 5% APazine handling fee if this occurs.

When will I get paid?

We will pay you at end of the following month. So if your app sells on 25 January, you will receive payment on 28th February. If your credit is lower than £50 then we will carry the payment forward to avoid bank charges for small payments.

What is a price identifier?

A price identifier will be issued to you if you charge for your publications. When you add new editions you will need to enter the price identifier so Apple and Android app stores know how much to charge.

Will my app work on iPhone 5 and iPad mini?


Can I customize my app?

Yes, once you have an app with Apazine, we can make custom changes and additions at extremely competitive rates. Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide a quotation and time frame.

Can I count the downloads in my magazine circulation?

Yes. We can independently certify your downloads so you can include the figures in your circulations figures. We are happy to notify the ABC of your publications downloads should you require.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, or reseller of Apazine, please use the Contact Us form.

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