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App Features

Your digital editions will be published in your own branded app, loaded with fantastic interactive features. Embrace the full potential of digital publishing with Apazine today.

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Multi Platform

Our developers will build and deploy your apps on all major platforms. Making your publications available on iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android tablets, smartphones and Kindles globally. With Apazine you can unleash the true potential of your publication.


Readers will find your app quickly and easily on app stores and newsstands. Whether you have a standalone app or choose newsstand, we optimise your app with keywords for the best search results. Join thousands of magazines on digital platforms .

Push Notifications

Each time you publish a new edition, users of your app will be notified, directly to their device, by a push notification message. Customised notifications can be sent easily to keep your readers up to date with your offers, promotions and special editions.

In-App Purchase

Each time you publish a new edition, users of your app will be notified, directly to their device, by a push notification message. Customised notifications can be sent easily to keep your readers up to date with your offers, promotions and special editions.

In App Advertising

Using our unique advertising module, you can upload advertising banners and screens which will appear on your app home screen and splash screen. Our system will monitor click through and impressions giving you a great way to monetize your app.

User Analysis

By logging into your Client Dashboard page, you will be able to view an analysis of the number of editions downloaded, the location of your readers, reader device type & operating platforms, plus other invaluable information. See your digital audience grow with Apazine.

Data Capture

Every app user is prompted to submit their name and email address. This information is collected for you and made available to download via our client dashboard. Helping you create valuable databases of your digital readers.

Live Links

It takes just a few seconds to automatically convert your email and web addresses contained in your PDF into functioning live links. Your app has a built-in web browser so web pages will open without diverting the user to another browser.

Video Streaming

It’s easy to enhance your readers experience by adding video steams to your PDF. Your app will be created with a powerful built-in YouTube video player module enabling you to play full screen video with ease.

Internal Page Links

Bring your contents page and cover teaser text to life by creating internal page links. Make your editions feel truly interactive with easy page navigation through your digital edition.

Link Highlighting

Make live links and interactive areas more distinct by adding a highlight color of your choice. Adding interactivity is quick and easy with Apazine and greatly enhances your publication.

Pinch, Swipe & Tap

Your digital editions will be controlled using intuitive gestures such as tap or pinch to zoom, swipe to change page and turn to landscape to view stunning double page spreads.

Image Sliders

Add multiple images to your articles using our image sliders module. Shake off the limitations of print and add stunning image galleries to your articles. Users swipe your photographs to reveal the next image.

Scrollable Text

It’s easy to enhance an article with extra text by making your text scrollable within a story. What is impossible with your print edition is simple with your app, and it’s easy to enhance your existing print PDF.


HTML5 enables you to achieve unlimited interactivity. Your app is fully compatible with HTML5, which is easy to add to your PDF’s to bring them alive. Our back end system even has a simple HTML5 editor.

Social Media Sharing

Go viral with your in built social media sharing buttons. Users click the Twitter, facebook or email buttons to share stories and promote your publication on social networks.

Subscriber Module

If your editions are paid for, simply upload a user list to our platform and enable your subscribers to download your digital editions free of charge. Selling digital subscription packages is made simple with Apazine.

Restore Purchases

With your app’s Restore Purchases button, your users can read their subscriptions on multiple devices, or if they upgrade or change their device all their purchases from you are still available to read.


For Apple devices that use Air Print hardware, you can choose to enable the print feature within your app. Enabling people to print out your pages and keep articles for reference.

More Info

Promote your company, your magazine or other publications with a fully customizable ‘More Information’ screen. Your app will contain a ‘More Info’ button for users to discover more about you.

Atom Feed

On Apple’s Newsstand, the app icon is automatically updated as your current front cover. Our system integrates with Apple, using Atom Feed technology, to automatically update your app icon.

Client Dashboard

Using our Client Dashboard, you can log-in to our system via any web browser, and add new editions, send push notifications and view statistics. Our system is easy to use and requires no specialist training.

Lock Orientation

For editions that are non-standard shape or size, you can set the orientation to landscape mode making it easy for you to take control of the page display orientation in your app.

Ongoing Upgrades

As platforms and operating systems evolve, and new devices are launched, we will always ensure your app is updated to ensure stable operation on all devices. We’re always looking to the future.