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Mail Order Catalogue Apps

Turn your catalogue into
a stunning app and reach
millions of new customers.

People love to browse through catalogues and discover new products, which is why print has been such an effective way to generate sales and brand loyalty. With more and more people using their tablet devices to browse digital catalogue editions, the opportunity to reach more customers for less is easily within your reach. The benefits of digital catalogues over print are now huge, and the cost savings are incredible.

Reach millions of new customers

With Apazine you can publish your catalogues to a global audience on every platform through every app store, and keep your app content up to date through our simple web based system. You can even send instant messages via your app about offers, products and news. Imagine your catalogue at the fingertips of millions of potential customers with zero print cost, zero mailing costs and zero cost to the environment.

Interactive editions

Your app will be a fully interactive version of your catalogue, with swipe and tap gesture control and razor sharp images and text. There’s no programming as you simply upload your existing PDFs. You can enhance the experience of your readers with added video content, sound, live web and email links and you can even include buttons to your web pages and shopping cart.

Monitor your success

Monitor the success of your app by logging into the Client Dashboard where you can see your download activity. You can track where and when your catalogues are being downloaded, and even see which devices your customers are using.

Your app can be available on App Stores within days.

No print costs. No distribution costs.
Connect with billions of tablet users in an instant.

If you print it today, you need Apazine for tomorrow!