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How it works

You’re just days away from launching your own app.

Once we receive your order, we’ll start work immediately building your app. Upon signup, you’ll receive a welcome email and a checklist of things we will need from you. Within a few working days our software engineers will create your app which will be tested on all known devices and screen sizes. When it’s met all our rigorous quality standards, and your specifications, we will submit it to app stores..

Sign-up and let’s get going

Sign-up is easy, just click the Order Now button on our web site and complete the secure web form. We will take your card details for future billing and won’t debit your card until your app has been built and approved by Apple. Your card will be charged the monthly license fee every month thereafter. The minimum contract period is twelve months.

Building your app

Our highly skilled software engineers will start building your app as soon as we receive your order. We will liaise with you to ensure that the graphics, text, icons and colour scheme is to your specification and we will send you a checklist of graphics we will need you to supply us. We will build several versions of your app, one for each platform – Apple, Android etc – and we will test your app on all known devices and screen sizes. We may require some additional information from you such as keywords for app store search optimisation and our team of developers will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction.

App submission

All apps submitted to Apple need to be approved by Apple before they are made available. This process usually takes around 5-10 working days. Once the app is available on app stores, your editions can be published instantly within your app. The data and downloads for your digital editions are hosted by Apazine, on our fast web servers, so no Apple approval process is required after the initial submission.

Client Dashboard

We will issue you with a username and password which will enable you to control the content of your app via any web browser. Simply log in and upload your editions as PDF files and they will become available instantly within your app. When adding editions you set the edition name, cover date, price (if sold) and upload a thumbnail of the cover, together with the PDF. Users will automatically be notified through Push Notifications that you’ve added something new. You can also send instant messages via your app using the Client Dashboard. Simply type your message and press send, just like sending a text. Your download analysis will be available on the Client Dashboard where you can view the total number of downloads broken down by country and time period. You can also see which types of devices are downloading your editions. Watch the video here: Demo

Generating Revenue

Your app and all your downloads may be free of charge, or paid for, the choice is yours. If you charge for your editions, or your app, revenue will be paid to you every month into your bank account by BACS. You may sell your app or users can download your free app and pay to download editions of your publications. Apple keep 30% of the revenue generated by their app store and there is a 5% handling fee from Apazine. So you can expect a healthy 65% return on your publication sales. If you are a magazine publisher and wish to sell ongoing subscriptions, we can create a Newsstand app for your title.

Your app can be available on App Stores within days.

No print costs. No distribution costs.
Connect with billions of tablet users in an instant.

If you print it today, you need Apazine for tomorrow!