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Customised Apps

As certified Apple and Android developers, we’re able to develop and customise your app as your needs develop. Our experienced team of software engineers and designers are some of the best in the world!

If you’re looking at our app and thinking “that’s so close to perfect for me, I’ll just go for that” then talk to us!

Apazine can offer a bespoke app design service ensuring your app meets all your needs. The costs will depend on how far from the original app you wish to go, but our development team will be able to build or incorporate whatever you wish to. You can be involved in every aspect of the design and functionality and we can tailor the quote for you. We do not charge any margin for app development, as we want you as a client and are happy with the monthly hosting fee.

Once your app is built the terms are the same standard terms, one fixed low cost monthly payment, a unique easy to use web based client dashboard, no limit on how many pages or brochures you can publish, no download charges*, global reach and a continuous improvement program with no extra charges for upgrades.