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Company Brochure & Catalogue Apps

Brochure and catalogue apps
are great for business.

Give your customers instant access to your company brochures, documents, manuals and catalogues through your own branded app.
The added benefits of engaging via tablets and smartphones are incredible and the cost savings are huge. With Apazine you have full control over the content of your app, our web based system uses your existing PDF’s so it couldn’t be easier.

Reach millions of potential customers

We will create your own branded app and make it available on app stores worldwide. Once created, you instantly control the content of your app from any web browser with our Client Dashboard. Simply upload your PDF’s and your brochures, catalogues, manuals or documents will instantly be available within your app.

Interactive editions

Your app will contain fully interactive versions of your printed editions, with swipe and tap gesture control and razor sharp images and text. There’s no programming and you simply upload your existing PDFs. You can enhance the app experience with added video content, sound, live web and email links.

Instant messages with Push Notifications

Apazine enables you to send instant messages via your app through Push Notifications. Let your customers know when you’ve published something new or tell them about promotions, offers and news. It just takes a couple of clicks of your mouse.


Watch the success of your app by logging into the Client Dashboard where you can monitor your download activity. You can track where and when your editions are being downloaded, and even see which devices your readers are using.

Your app can be available on App Stores within days.
No print costs. No distribution costs.

Connect with billions of tablet users in an instant.

If you print it today, you need Apazine for tomorrow!